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This summer the STI will be hosted by Alamogordo High School from July 10th through July 22nd, 2005. Directions to Alamogordo High School.

The STI will be a three-credit graduate-level course. Topics include: Computational Science, Mathematical Modeling, Agent Based Modeling, Project Management Tools, Collaborative Tools, Technical Writing, Web-Based Research, Programming, Data Analysis, Web Site Management, your own Supercomputing Project, and a milestone-by-milestone overview of the Supercomputing Challenge program.

All expenses will be paid including housing, food allowance, expense stipend, three credit hour graduate class, software, and books.

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If you have questions about participating in the Summer 2005 STI, drop us a line.

Here is a flyer used to advertise STI.

You can learn about previous STIs by browsing through our archives. The STI for 2003 and 2004 will be especially useful. In 2004 our STI was online. The content for the STIs in 2003 and 2004 are similar but the format for 2005 will be more like 2003 than 2004. The Syllabi are quite detailed.

Each summer we plan a two week institute for high school and middle school teachers so that they can learn about the Challenge and how to become a better Supercomputing Challenge TEACHER sponsor. Participants plan and implement a project in the context of a mini-Challenge. Getting to know and work with like-minded teachers from around the state is a real benefit of this professional development opportunity. Tours and recreation activities supplement the curriculum and enhance the collaboration that is an essential component of the Challenge.