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Final Reports

The submission deadline for your final report is NOON on April 1st, 2015.

Every team is required to submit an electronic copy of the final report via e-mail — e.g. as a Microsoft Word or OpenOffice document (team_xxx_report.doc/team_xxx_report.odt) attached to an e-mail message to finalreport1415 at supercomputingchallenge dot org

In the email to the above address include:

  1. Team number
  2. School name
  3. The project's area of science
  4. The computer language(s) used
  5. Team members grade(s) in school
  6. Team members email addresses
  7. Attach the final report
  8. Attach the source code

See the Final Report Guidelines for specific information.

More Resources for New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge authors are available at the Writing Reports section of the Resources web page.

The 2014-2015 Finalist Reports book, printed for the Challenge by the New Mexico Public Education Department.

     If you've submitted a final report, make sure you confirm your attendance and housing arrangements for the Expo/Awards Ceremony in Los Alamos.


The 64 Written Reports Submitted:

Albuquerque Academy

Aldo Leopold Charter

Aspen Elementary

Capital High

Centennial High

Creative Education Preparatory institute

Deming High

Desert Academy

Down to Earth School

Gadsden Middle

Jackson Middle

Las Cruces High

Las Cruces YWiC

Los Alamos High

Los Alamos Middle/Aspen Elementary

Los Alamos Middle

Los Lunas High

Melrose High

Mesa Middle

Miyamura High

Monte del Sol

nex+Gen Academy

Picacho Middle School

Portales High

Sangro de Cristo Homeschool

Santa Fe High

Saturday Science and Math Academy

School of Dreams Academy

St. Pius X

Taos Charter

Taos High

Taos Middle

The MASTERS Program

Web-based Final Reports Submitted:

22 Bike Lanes, Helping To Decrease The Dependence

49 The Next Step in the Printing Evolution

89 The Effects of Motivation for a Healthy Lifestyle Warning! Access to the website is limited to one day once someone has accessed the website.

107 Leaderless Construction Systems

124 The Carbon Footprint Perspective

1019 Astronomical Bodies and Gravity

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