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Total Number of Final Reports submitted: 57

School Team Project Title Code Email
Albuquerque Academy 3 MODELING THE GROWTH OF CYANOBACTERIA ON MARS 03_code.pdf  Email Team 3
Albuquerque Academy 4 Correlating Disease and Pollution 04_code.docx Email Team 4
Albuquerque Academy 5 Improving Global Positioning Systems Through Satellite Selection  Email Team 5
Aspen Elementary 7 Solving the Rubik’s Cube 2.0  Email Team 7
Aspen Elementary 8 Weather Patterns 08_code.pdf  Email Team 8
Camino Real Mid 9 Helping Alzheimer’s Patients  Email Team 9
Capital High 10 Plight Of The Bats  Email Team 10
Desert Academy 14 The Congregation of Pollutants in the Pacific Ocean  Email Team 14
Desert Academy 16 Presidential Candidate Tweets  Email Team 16
Down to Earth School 18 Rural Bikenomics  Email Team 18
Espanola Sayansi Club 19 The Attack of the Virus 19_code.nlogo  Email Team 19
Espanola Sayansi Club 20 Clouds Effect  Email Team 20
Gadsden 24 EBOLA OUTBREAKS WITHIN POPULATIONS 24_ebolahosp.sltng Email Team 24
Gadsden Middle School 25 Rabies in the Four Corners – How does rabies Affect Bordering States 25_4corners.sltng
Email Team 25
Jackson Middle School 26 Can Genetically Modified Organisms Cross Pollinate to Become a Hybrid Corn? 26_hybrid_gmo_3.nlogo Email Team 26
Jackson Middle School 27 Cooling the Snapdragon Email Team 27
Jackson Middle School 28 Inside the Scan  Email Team 28
Jackson Middle School 29 Don’t Speak Bullying  Email Team 29
Jackson Middle School 30 Water Conservation 30_code.docx  Email Team 30
Jackson Middle School 31 Stratification Effect on Baleen Whales 31.nlogo Email Team 31
Las Cruces High 33 The Best Method to Cleanup Oil Spills  Email Team 33
Las Cruces High 34 What Effect Does Earth’s Gravity have on Asteroids?  Email Team 34
Las Cruces YWiC 36 SICKLE CELL ANEMIA 36_code.pdf  Email Team 36
Las Cruces YWiC 37 Analyzing the Efficiency and Security of Permuted Congruential Number Generators Email Team 37
Las Cruces YWiC 38 Economic Impact of Syrian Refugees on Host Countries  Email Team 38
Las Cruces YWiC 39 Climate change severity prediction from historical indicators in Las Cruces  Email Team 39
Las Cruces YWiC 41 Community Service Knowledge and Action  Email Team 41
Los Alamos High 42 Fly2Print  Email Team 42
Los Alamos High 43 Investigation of Jacobian Free Krylov Solver for Transport Equations  Email Team 43
Los Alamos High 44 Modelling and Experimental Characterization of IgE Receptor Signaling to Develop New Drugs for Allergies 44_alle.bngl  Email Team 44
Los Alamos High 45 Slot Machines: Will You Win or Lose?  Email Team 45
Los Alamos High 46 Comparison of Methods for Eliminating Orbital Debris  Email Team 46
Los Alamos High 47 Dynamics of the Drifting World  Email Team 47
Los Alamos High 48 Predictable or Chaotic?
Orbits vs. Weather
 Email Team 48
Los Alamos High 49 The Linguistic Connection  Email Team 49
Los Alamos High 50 Effects & Uses of Lasers to United States Community  Email Team 50
Los Alamos High 51 A Concurrent and Energy Efficient Approach of Data Coding on Multicore Computing Systems 51_parZfec.c.pdf
Email Team 51
Los Alamos High 52 Building a Better, Smarter Power Grid With Neural Networks
 Email Team 52
Los Alamos Mid 55 Detecting Climate Change through Means and Extremes 55_appendix_1.pdf
 Email Team 55
Los Alamos Mid 57 Weather Comparisons For Espanola, NM:
Winter 2015 –vs- Winter 1961
 Email Team 57
Los Lunas High 59 Remote activation of wind turbine  Email Team 59
Los Lunas High 60 Carbon Footprint 60.nlogo  Email Team 60
Los Lunas High 61 The Damages of Smoking 61_code.docx  Email Team 61
Melrose High 63 Can a Presidential Election Be Decided By Twitter? 63_code.nlogo Email Team 63
Melrose High 64 Back to the Temple 64_code.nlogo  Email Team 64
Melrose High 65 I Fish 65_fishing_hole.nlogo Email Team 65
Melrose High 66 Floating Gardens 66_FloatingGarden.nlogo  Email Team 66
Melrose Mid 68 How Animals React To Various Types Of Weather 68_deer_model.nlogo  Email Team 68
Melrose Mid 69 Soil Formation 69_Weathering.nlogo  Email Team 69
Mesa Alta Jr High 74 The Effects of Mineralized Water on Human Nutrition  Email Team 74
Mesa Mid 78 Space Debris  Email Team 78
Mesa Mid 79 Dehydration of Humans  Email Team 79
Mesa Mid 80 Nuclear Pollution in New Mexico  Email Team 80
Mountain Elementary 81 Smart Traffic Lights  Email Team 81
Mountain Elementary 82 Saving the Giant Sequoias  Email Team 82
Mountain Elementary 85 Locating Radioactive Sources 85_code.docx  Email Team 85
New Futures High 86 Shadow Balls 86_code.docx  Email Team 86
Portales High 88 Solving Yavalanchan  Email Team 88
Portales High 89 Motor Vehicle Accident Probability  Email Team 89
Red Mountain Mid 90 Aquatic Food Web 90_code.docx  Email Team 90
Rio Rancho Cyber Academy 91 Correlation of Brain Cancer & Brain Activity 91_code.docx Email Team 91
Robertson High 92 Predicting Wildfires By Lightning Strike  Email Team 92
Sandia High 93 The Spread of Smallpox in Dharavi (Mumbai, India) 93.sltng  Email Team 93
Santa Fe High 95 What is the Best Placement to Maximize the Effectiveness of Smog-Reducing Materials? 95_code.docx  Email Team 95
Santa Fe High 96 The Netlogo Wildfire Team 96_code.nlogo Email Team 96
Santa Fe High 97 Calculating the optimal cycling orbit from Earth  Email Team 97
Santa Fe High 98 Dead Zones 98.nlogo Email Team 98
Santa Fe High 99 Crop Soil Program 99_code.nlogo Email Team 99
Santa Fe High 100 Dead Zones Email Team 100
Santa Fe High 101 Cellular Data 101_code.nlogo Email Team 101
Santa Fe High 102 How much hemp 102.nlogo3d  Email Team 102
Sat Sci & Math Academy 110 Treating the Spread of Malaria  Email Team 110
Sat Sci & Math Academy 112 Modeling the Effects of Policy Changes on Ebola 112_code.docx Email Team 112
School of Dreams Academy 103 Snake in the Grass  Email Team 103
School of Dreams Academy 104 The Traveling Salesman Problem 104_tsp-brute-force.nlogo
 Email Team 104
St Pius X Hs 105 Correlating Breathing and Heart Rate to Anxiety  Email Team 105
St Pius X Hs 106 The Aesthetic Barcode  Email Team 106
Taos High 107 Dodging Bullets: Our National Sport Email Team 107
Taos High 108 One Way Roads in Taos 108_TaosTraffic.nlogo  Email Team 108
Taos High 109 Hold Back the Water 109_erosionanddrought.nlogo
 Email Team 109