School Map

This map represents the locations of the schools participating in the 2015-2016 Supercomputing Challenge.

Schools in the 2015-16 Challenge:

  School City
  Academy for Technology & Classics Santa Fe
  Albuquerque Academy Albuquerque
  Aldo Leopold High Silver City
  Aspen Elementary Los Alamos
  Camino Real Mid Las Cruces
  Capital High Santa Fe
  Desert Academy Santa Fe
  Down to Earth School Silver City
  Espanola Sayansi Club Espanola
  Freedom High Albuquerque
  Gadsden Mid Anthony
  Jackson Mid School Albuquerque
  Las Cruces High Las Cruces
  Las Cruces YWiC Las Cruces
  Los Alamos High Los Alamos
  Los Alamos Mid Los Alamos
  Los Lunas High Los Lunas
  Manzano High Albuquerque
  Melrose High Melrose
  Melrose Mid Melrose
  Mesa Alta Jr High Aztec
  Mesa Mid Las Cruces
  Moutain Elementary Los Alamos
  New Futures High Albuquerque
  NexGen Academy Albuquerque
  Portales High Portales
  Red Mountain Mid Deming
  Rio Rancho Cyber Academy Rio Rancho
  Robertson High Las Vegas
  Sandia High Albuquerque
  Santa Fe High Santa Fe
  Saturday Science and Math Acad Albuquerque
  School of Dreams Academy Los Lunas
  St Pius X High Albuquerque
  Taos High Taos

Here is a map indicating all the places where Supercomputing Challenge teams have been located since 1990: