Scholarship Schedule

Scholarship Applicants – Monday, April 24th

Scholarship judges: Dana Roberson, Teri Roberts, Tim Thomas

We thank all scholarship applicants. The following is a list of applicants selected to be interviewed. Not all applicants will be interviewed but that doesn’t mean they won’t get a scholarship. Interviews will be held in JAAS Classroom 102.

Time Student School
9:20 AM X X
9:40 AM X X
10:00 AM X X
10:20 AM Jouie Barnes Melrose High Team 4
10:40 AM James Rush Melrose High Team 4
11:00 AM Ethan Wright Melrose High Team 6
11:20 AM Micah Sulich Santa Fe High Team 2
11:40 AM Steven Chen Los Alamos High Team 6
12:00 PM X X