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Monday Afternoon Message, September 16, 2014


With a week to go for registering, we have 129 students and 29 teachers from 34 schools signed up. We'll be working on the hotel housing lists next week so please do get those registrations in soon. The Supercomputing Challenge will make hotel reservations for everyone coming from out of town.

Form Teams

Ten teams have formed so far, so the other 108 currently registered participants need to form teams. Click on the Register or Manage Teams link on the Registration web page.

Submit Proposals

Two teams have submitted their proposals, good job! While working on your proposal, see the Proposals web page at:

Keynote Speakers

We have some great Keynote Speakers lined up, Matt Wallaert from Microsoft will be our Saturday night Keynote Speaker, learn about him at:

Stephen Guerin, of, will be our Sunday lunch Keynote Speaker.

Speaking of keynote speakers, Christa Brelsford, our keynote speaker two years ago, won the International Federation of Sport Climbing Paraclimbing World Championship in Spain last week:!comp=1501&cat=92
Congratulations Christa!

9/11 Memorial

David, Celia, Patty, Program Managers for the Supercomputing Challenge

Monday Afternoon Message, September 8, 2014

Registrations are rolling in!

So far, we have 56 students and 18 teachers registered for the 25th Annual Supercomputing Challenge. Five schools are new this year: Aldo Leopold, East Mountain, NM Military Institute, St. Michaels, and South Valley Prep. Welcome!

Teachers, if you haven't registered yourselves and your teams, go to:


Once students have registered, start forming teams by clicking on the Register or Manage Teams button on the Registration page.


We even have one proposal submitted so far. While working on your proposal, see the Proposals web page at:

David, Celia, Patty,
Program Managers for the Supercomputing Challenge

Tuesday Afternoon Message, September 2, 2014

Registrations are starting to roll in

Six teachers and four students have registered so far. Please register for this year by the 20th of September.

Kickoff Theme: AA to VV

We are looking at themes for this year and they will include Modeling and Big Data and Cyber Security and we hope to cover "abstractions and algorithms to validation and verification"

Supercomputing Challenge Milestones

During the July Summer Teacher Institute we talked about the monthly Challenge activities that teams/teachers should be doing and here are the activities for August and September:


      • Remember Diversity
      • Demo and Advertise

See the full list.

UNM CS/ECE Day, Wed 10th 1:30pm-5pm

See our research
Meet our students

Please mark your calendars: The Depts of Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering are happy to invite you to a showcase of our cutting edge research, and the projects that our students are doing. See for details.

Los Alamos ScienceFest

Los Alamos is having a ScienceFest from September 5th through September 13th. Check out the schedule at: and

NASA Educational Express Message

We sent out a recent email from NASA Education. Some deadlines have passed, but it is interesting to see what kind of opportunities are available from NASA. Subscribe at

David, Celia, Patty,
Program Managers for the Supercomputing Challenge

Monday Morning Message, August 25, 2014

Are you ready for the 25th Annual Supercomputing Challenge?


Start forming teams to participate in the 25th annual New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge.

Registration will open on September 1st

Registration deadline is September 20th.


Teams need to form and start thinking about their projects and preparing a proposal. See for guidelines.

Our theme for this year will be modeling.

Kickoff Conference

The Kickoff Conference will be held October 11-12 in Socorro, New Mexico.


Please print a flyer to place in your school for advertisement.

Here is the invite link:

Future topics

In future Monday Morning Messages (MMMs), we will be sharing Science Links and Cool topics so if you have found something to share, let Consult know.

Looking forward to a wonderful 25th year, help us celebrate!

Celia, David and Patty representing Consult, the Challenge Management Team
Supercomputing Challenge Consulting, consult1415 @

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