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Monday Morning Message, October 27, 2014

Good day!

Definition of Computational Science

It was brought to our attention that the last MMM (Monday Morning Message) had an error in the academic marathon section. We are not just looking for a computer program. We are looking for a computational science project.

This is the first definition that came up in a search:
Computational science is an interdisciplinary field in which realistic mathematical models combined with scientific computing methods are used to study, usually through computer simulation and modeling, systems of real-world scientific or societal interest.

We add agent based models to that definition.

Expo Rubric

We celebrate your work in April at an Expo, similar to a science fair, but with team presentations. Attached is the rubric for the Expo, also found at: Do backwards planning and note that the computational, mathematical or agent based model is worth 40% of your assessment.

Alumni Highlight

WOMEN FROM LAWRENCE LIVERMORE NATIONAL LABORATORY, AS FEATURED ON THE WOMEN@ENERGY WEBSITE 2014. Women @ Energy: Marisol Gamboa is a computer scientist working for the Global Security Directorate at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. "Create more opportunities for everyone to experience the possibilities STEM offers. Demonstrate by example how it impacts the world we live in and how it opens up new possibilities. The experience of personally solving a problem with software I created had a profound impact on me, much more so than simply hearing or reading about computer scientists."

Marisol is from Hatch, NM!

Supercomputing in the News

From the crash test to the open road, supercomputers are utilized wider than people think. See more at:

The power of computing has the potential to change everything we do. The NFL, HPC, and Big Data:

Computationally yours,
Patty, David and Celia
P.S. Have your mentors lined up yet?

Monday Morning Message, October 20, 2014

Happy Autumn!

Academic Marathon

The Supercomputing Challenge is an academic marathon. There are beginner, intermediate and advanced competitors. You run the course with supporters along the way. There are dates and milestones in the course to mark your progress. Your supporters are a teacher sponsor, the Consult team, the Challenge website, Monday Morning Messages, a project consultant or mentor, and your teammates.

Your goal at the end is to have a computational science project or a computer program for the April Expo. It takes a large amount of effort, hard work and focus. You need core strength, a solid base and the right running shoes for a marathon. For the Challenge you need to finish a computational project or a computer program, complete research, find a mentor and write reports, and meet the deadlines throughout the year. Read more . . .


91 proposals have been submitted. We have the potential for 150 proposals if everyone that registered submits one. This would be the largest amount ever submitted. A wonderful tribute to our 25th year. Please remember to thank the person who reviews your proposal and comment to their suggestions. They are all volunteers and their time is so appreciate.


Do you have a mentor yet? Use this resource, Science Buddies, to ask any scientific questions.

Research Tip

Use Firefox browser? Here is a great research tool to use: Zotero Citation Mini Manual created by Richard Foust, teacher sponsor from Freedom High, ABQ.

Alumni of the Week

Visit this YouTube selfie by Martha Hughes, alum from Shiprock High. The message that science is fun resonates with us, Thanks, Martha for sharing. Love the sunflowers!

Your Consult team, the curriculum, advisory and management team of the Supercomputing Challenge
consult1415 at supercomputingchallenge dot org

Tuesday Morning Message, October 14, 2014

Happy Tuesday!


What an awesome weekend! Thanks to all of you who attended. We do love to hear your kudos, challenges and suggestions!

Matt from Microsoft has offered much follow-up. Here is his email: Matt Wallaert . He will skype with any team that would like his help on a project. He would like to do a webinar for our community. Can you send us suggestions for topics?


We anticipate you will receive an email review of your proposal by November 1st. Take the suggestions seriously and PLEASE send your reviewer a thank you note for her time and suggestions. These people can become your advocates for the Expo in April because they have followed your progress.


Winning and finishing teams all have mentors. You can have one mentor who is your calendar keeper, one your cheerleader, one for science, one for coding. Click here to find one here at UNM STEM-H. Let us know if you have difficulty.

Alumni of the Week

This being our 25th year, one way we will celebrate is to recognize different alum in our weekly messages. This is a quote from Thomas Christie, past teacher from Desert Academy, Santa Fe.

My experience with the Supercomputing Challenge taught me two things: first, that computation is a hugely empowering tool for experimentation, exploration and fun, I have no doubt that discovering this led me to my current field of cognitive science and machine learning. Second, watching students blossom into strong investigators and observing their powerful creativity and aptitude has made me question the value of traditional age-based curriculum and favor getting learning-friendly tech into the hands of as many people as possible of all ages.

Your Consult team, the curriculum, advisory and management team of the Supercomputing Challenge
consult1415 at supercomputingchallenge dot org

Monday Morning Message, October 7, 2014

25th year Logo
We are excited that we will be seeing most of you in less than a week! Note anything new about our logo?

Here are several important instructions here for you.

Before the kickoff

Proposals We have 26 proposals submitted. We would like to have EVERY team's proposal up on the webpage before Sunday, the 12th. Click here for the guidelines. We have people waiting in the wings to help you write your proposal. Write to Consult1415 at supercomputingchallenge dot org for assistance.

Bring a hard copy of your proposal with you as you need it to talk to a scientist about your project. You can work on your proposal on the bus, car or railrunner on the way to Socorro. We may check you at the door to see if you have your proposal. You can work on it Saturday morning in Socorro instead of a tour of the campus. Look in the Challenge archives for ideas. Can you tell that we really want you to realize that you need a proposal to participate in the Meet the Scientist/Project Review on Sunday?

Click here for a General Schedule.

Electives, check out the possible Saturday night electives at: and open your Poll Everywhere app. Choose participant. When prompted, insert text in second block for your choice. You can only vote once. If you don't have a smart phone text the bold KEYWORD to 22333.

Project Management Trello might be the key to your project management. Looking a little like Pinterest, Trello allows users to create project boards and easily manage the people and resources associated with each task. It makes organization easy and may be a way to work with the mentor for your project. Trello is free, but does require registration.

At the Kickoff

Registration Come into the Fidel Student Center from the west door by the post office.
There will be two lines: teachers and students.

The teacher stations include: payment, TEAF's, name tags, flash drives, some handouts, a wonderful Challenge bag.

The student stations include: schedules and electives.

Then the line merges for t-shirts, team and individual pictures and registration for a Challenge gift, a Torofish recognition and reward system for your STEM activities.

Schedules At registration, students pick their individual schedule by math and prior programming languages. Team members may be in different classes.

Hotel Checkin Teachers may check into the hotel Saturday afternoon between 2:00-4:00 or from 5 - 6:45 on Saturday evening.

Ebola on Your Mind?

Note the great visualization about how contagious some infectious diseases are. Visualization and mathematical terms are vital for your projects.

Celia, David, Patty, Program Managers for the Supercomputing Challenge

Monday Morning Message, September 29, 2014

25th Annual Kickoff in just two weeks!

We look forward to seeing most of you on Saturday morning, October 11th, at New Mexico Tech in Socorro. Registration will open up at 9:30. Once registered, some NM Tech students will show you around the campus and lunch will start at 11:30 in the Cafeteria and then we'll gather in the Macey Auditorium at 12:45 for our opening Keynote session. See for descriptions of our keynotes, the generic schedule, and look at the housing link later this week once we get them posted. The Challenge provides room and board while teams are in Socorro. There will be two lines for registration in the Fidel lobby this year, one for teachers and one for students, so we hope to reduce congestion.

Team Entry Authorization Forms

Collect the $40/student registration fees, fill out the Team Entry Authorization Form and mail them to the Supercomputing Challenge. See steps 5 and 6 on the Registration web page.


Review the Proposals web page,, and submit your proposal before the Kickoff on October 11th and BRING a HARDCOPY of it with you to the Kickoff.

Download Phone Apps Now

We will be using some smartphone apps at the Kickoff this year:

YAPP-download our Kickoff app at: We'll be updating it this week and next.

Poll Everywhere-We want you to sign up for the Saturday night electives with We'll send out the link to that poll soon. We also hope to have our Keynote speakers ask some questions during their talks and we'll be able to see everyone's results immediately. That works on tablets, smart phones and basic cell phones.

QR Code Reader-If you have a smart phone, make sure you have a QR Reader App (they are free). Just search for QR Code Reader in your App store.

Team Registration Numbers

When teams register, a number starting at 1000 is assigned. This week we'll order all the teams by school name and assign team numbers that range from 1 to 150. So far 83 teams have registered and 133 students haven't registered on teams. We'll make some team assignment for you which can be changed on the Register or Manage Teams web page.

Have Questions?

Email consult1415 at supercomputingchallenge dot org and ask!

David, Celia, Patty,
Program Managers for the Supercomputing Challenge

Wednesday Afternoon Message, September 24, 2014

Welcome to the 25th Annual Supercomputing Challenge!


300 students and 48 teachers from 49 schools have registered for this year's Challenge. So far 75 teams have registered but there are still 133 students not registered on teams. Please click on the Register or Manage Teams link on the Registration page to organize teams.

Teams will be renumbered to numbers between 1 and 150 based on the alphabetical ordering of school names next week.

Team Entry Authorization Forms

Collect the $40/student registration fees, fill out the Team Entry Authorization Form and mail them to the Supercomputing Challenge. See steps 5 and 6 on the Registration web page.


Be thinking about your projects and review the Proposals web page,, and submit your proposal before the Kickoff on October 11th.

Smart Phones at the Kickoff

Be sure to bring your smart phone with you to the Kickoff as we hope to make use of them this year.

Housing at the Kickoff

We'll be making housing lists for the hotels in Socorro early next week and will let you know when they are posted. Supercomputing Challenge sponsors cover the cost of the hotels and meals are provided will you are at the Kickoff.

David, Celia, Patty, Program Managers for the Supercomputing Challenge

Monday Afternoon Message, September 16, 2014


With a week to go for registering, we have 129 students and 29 teachers from 34 schools signed up. We'll be working on the hotel housing lists next week so please do get those registrations in soon. The Supercomputing Challenge will make hotel reservations for everyone coming from out of town.

Form Teams

Ten teams have formed so far, so the other 108 currently registered participants need to form teams. Click on the Register or Manage Teams link on the Registration web page.

Submit Proposals

Two teams have submitted their proposals, good job! While working on your proposal, see the Proposals web page at:

Keynote Speakers

We have some great Keynote Speakers lined up, Matt Wallaert from Microsoft will be our Saturday night Keynote Speaker, learn about him at:

Stephen Guerin, of, will be our Sunday lunch Keynote Speaker.

Speaking of keynote speakers, Christa Brelsford, our keynote speaker two years ago, won the International Federation of Sport Climbing Paraclimbing World Championship in Spain last week:!comp=1501&cat=92
Congratulations Christa!

9/11 Memorial

David, Celia, Patty, Program Managers for the Supercomputing Challenge

Monday Afternoon Message, September 8, 2014

Registrations are rolling in!

So far, we have 56 students and 18 teachers registered for the 25th Annual Supercomputing Challenge. Five schools are new this year: Aldo Leopold, East Mountain, NM Military Institute, St. Michaels, and South Valley Prep. Welcome!

Teachers, if you haven't registered yourselves and your teams, go to:


Once students have registered, start forming teams by clicking on the Register or Manage Teams button on the Registration page.


We even have one proposal submitted so far. While working on your proposal, see the Proposals web page at:

David, Celia, Patty,
Program Managers for the Supercomputing Challenge

Tuesday Afternoon Message, September 2, 2014

Registrations are starting to roll in

Six teachers and four students have registered so far. Please register for this year by the 20th of September.

Kickoff Theme: AA to VV

We are looking at themes for this year and they will include Modeling and Big Data and Cyber Security and we hope to cover "abstractions and algorithms to validation and verification"

Supercomputing Challenge Milestones

During the July Summer Teacher Institute we talked about the monthly Challenge activities that teams/teachers should be doing and here are the activities for August and September:


      • Remember Diversity
      • Demo and Advertise

See the full list.

UNM CS/ECE Day, Wed 10th 1:30pm-5pm

See our research
Meet our students

Please mark your calendars: The Depts of Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering are happy to invite you to a showcase of our cutting edge research, and the projects that our students are doing. See for details.

Los Alamos ScienceFest

Los Alamos is having a ScienceFest from September 5th through September 13th. Check out the schedule at: and

NASA Educational Express Message

We sent out a recent email from NASA Education. Some deadlines have passed, but it is interesting to see what kind of opportunities are available from NASA. Subscribe at

David, Celia, Patty,
Program Managers for the Supercomputing Challenge

Monday Morning Message, August 25, 2014

Are you ready for the 25th Annual Supercomputing Challenge?


Start forming teams to participate in the 25th annual New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge.

Registration will open on September 1st

Registration deadline is September 20th.


Teams need to form and start thinking about their projects and preparing a proposal. See for guidelines.

Our theme for this year will be modeling.

Kickoff Conference

The Kickoff Conference will be held October 11-12 in Socorro, New Mexico.


Please print a flyer to place in your school for advertisement.

Here is the invite link:

Future topics

In future Monday Morning Messages (MMMs), we will be sharing Science Links and Cool topics so if you have found something to share, let Consult know.

Looking forward to a wonderful 25th year, help us celebrate!

Celia, David and Patty representing Consult, the Challenge Management Team
Supercomputing Challenge Consulting, consult1415 @

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