School Team Number Project Title Final Report Final Code
Academy For Tech & Classics1Detecting Developmental DelaysTeam_1_Report.pdfTeam_1_Code.pdf
Albuquerque High4Traffic ModelTrafficModelFinalReport.pdfGrid.nlogo
Barranca Mesa Elementary5Detecting Shocks Waves with Artificial
Capital High6The Traveling Salesman ProblemFinal Report - Ariana Garcia .pdftsp.nlogo
Capital High7The Strength of CrystalsFinal Report.pdfsalt_crystalline_FIXED (1).nlogo
House High45Turtles vs. PollutionFinal
Jackson Middle School20Glioblastomateam_20_report.pdfCancer. Nanobots.nlogo
La Cueva High21Projectile Motion and Drag ForcesSuperComputing Challenge - Final
Las Cruces High22Water Usage SimulatorSupercomputing Written Report.pdf
Las Cruces High26Parking Safety and ConvenienceWritten Report.pdfparking.nlogo
Las Cruces High27Using Epidemiology to Model Computer VirusesUsing Epidemiology to Model Computer Viruses.pdfSupercomputingChallenge.nlogo
Los Alamos High28A Novel Computational Tool to Inform Cost-Effective Nutrition Interventions in Sub-Saharan
Los Alamos High29Using QAOA to Solve NP-Hard Problems on NISQ ComputersUsing_QAOA_to_Solve_NP_Hard_Problems_on_NISQ_Computers.pdfCode.pdf
Los Alamos High30Data-Based Approach to EstimatingIce-Shelf Melt
Los Alamos High97Computer Simulation as a Tool for Risk Assessment of Coastal AreasTeam_97_report.pdfTeam_97_code.pdf
Los Alamos Middle School32What is the Radius of the Earth's Core?What is the Radius of the Earth's Core-1.pdfEarth Outer Core Radius Program.pdf
Los Lunas High1001Ready, Set, Grow!Los Lunas1001 - Ready, Set, Grow!.pdfAlgae Image Analysis.nlogo
Media Arts Charter School86Creating a Balanced Ecosystem SimulationSupercomputing Challenge Final Report JB.pdf
Media Arts Charter School87Finding the BattleshipsFinding the Battleships.pdfFinding the Battleships.nlogo
Melrose High46Till the Cows Come Home Final Report Cows.pdfBasicCows.nlogo
Melrose High474U App 4U App Final
Melrose Middle48Crop Dust.Combined Crop Dust Final.pdfOriginal crop dusting.nlogo
Melrose Middle49Mustangs of AmericaMustangsFinal Report.pdfRevisedWildMustangs.nlogo
Mesilla Valley Leadership Academy53Kissing DiseaseSupercomputing Report.pdf
Mesilla Valley Leadership Academy54Micheal the "human"Final report for supercomputing.pdfMicheal The Human.pdf
Multi Schools-CCP/CMS10Albuquerque Fire Department Wait TimesFire Department Wait Times team_10_report.pdffire department team 10 code.nlogo
Multi Schools-EH/MH/SH11How Does Nutrition Affect Depression?Final Report 2018-2019.pdfMental Health Code Phase 7.nlogo
Multi Schools-EH/NexGen12Human Intelligence vs. Machine LogicFinal Report Multi-School 12 (1).pdfHuman Intelligence vs. Machine Logic Code.nlogo
New Mexico School for the Arts56Optimizing Flapping-Wing Flight2019SupercomputingFinalReport.pdffindOptimalParameters.m
New Mexico Tech Upward Bound Math & Science59 The Mission of Plastic Decomposition: Fungi EditionFinal Report.pdffungi v plastic.nlogo
New Mexico Tech Upward Bound Math & Science60The Smart FarmThe Smart Farm.pdf
Santa Fe High72Air Pollution on a U.S ScaleSuppercomputing Challenge Final
Sarracino Mid74Cellular AutomataSuper Computing Challenge Cellular Automata (2).pdfTeam_74_Code.pdf
Sarracino Mid75Angry BoardsAngry Boards Final Report.pdfCode (1).pdf
Shiprock High80Campus Alert SystemFinal_Report.pdf
Socorro High81Mangrove MadnessTeam_81_Report.pdfTeam_81_Code.pdf
Taos High82Moving WaterMoving Water Final Report.pdfMovingWater Final Code.pdf
Taos High83Doctors Assistant
Taos High84Avalanche DogProject Report.pdfAvalanch dog v3.5.nlogo
Taos High1006Stem Cell Therapy: Modeling the application of renewable stem cells on bodies affected by cancerTHS1006FinalReport.pdfTHS1006 code.nlogo